End of the #Twittertest

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End of the #Twittertest

Acita ltd is a web development and online marketing  company based in Purley, London.

We believe in building strong trusted relationships between business and so would like to share some of our in depth expertise and knowledge with you.  This Blog is about Building up Twitter followere

We got there

1k followers in 10 days

So the goal was to get to 1000 followers from 1 August to the end of the year. Well we blasted that , it took just 10 day. Actually it took 30 minutes on 8 separate days to get there, not too shabby

we carefully selected who to follow, added 200 new followers a day for 8 days. Then we had a holiday.


By selecting the right people to follow we built up a credible list of followers up to 800 in just over a week. Then we left it well alone. Firstly to see how the momentum would pick up from the existing followers and secondly to give a gap of 10 days and the decide who to unfollow after that period.

Keep on Tweeting

So the experiment has come to an end and it was a resounding success. Now comes the hard bit in keeping all the followers engaged with useful information.

Great that we have the followers, but we need to repay their faith in keeping up with well informed news and tips on web development and on-line marketing.

My fear from here is that it is so easy to pick up followers, does this devalue twitter and other social media. We now have 1600 followers and are following a similar amount. w obviously can't keep up with everything so do people's messages get lost in the fog of social media, your thoughts?

We hope that this article is of use, feel free to forward it to whoever may find it useful.

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