#Twittertes day 7 - Prepare for Holidays

Posted by Admin Thursday, August 11, 2011 2:21:00 PM Categories: online marketing SEO social media twitter
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Getting ready for a break

acVita ltd is a web development and online marketing  company based in Purley, London.

We believe in building strong trusted relationships between business and so would like to share some of our in depth expertise and knowledge with you.  This Blog is about not putting too much effort in to getting followers

Check list

Suitcase packed

OK not that organised but looking to have 10 days off, but want to ensure I keep progressing with the followers. Well sometimes trying too hard can be good for you. If changes is good as a rest, a rest is as good as a change. 1 more day till we fly out and the plan is

  • carry on building up the follows
  • Make sure that we only follow appropriate people
  • Don't go over the 2000
  • Set up schedule of tweets on Hootsuite when away
  • Enjoy the hols

Why have a rest

Twitter can find those who are trying too hard by having:

  • more than 100 follows an hr
  • more than 1000 in a day
  • more than 2000 in total

We have already touched on this, so how to use the holiday to best effect. Follow as many legitimate follows up to 1900 and wait.......

After a week of sand and sun see where we are. If people drop off then great, it wasn't meant to be. If people aren't following back then fine, we maybe not for them. We can unfollow all those not following us after 10 days to settle down.



As mentioned yesterday, watch the churn. The plan review those who are still not following after 10 days break and then unfollow them at between 50 and 100 a day, until clear. After that start again and give them another chance to notice you and follow. At that point we give it a rest on those people for a period of time.

By searching for follows in categories such as #Internet, #SEO or #Rugby allows you to take a note of who you are trying to follow after a while of those groups give them a rest, try some more like minded groups to start following. Therefor you widen your groups and prevents you from being a pest.

One more post tomorrow and then holidays, tomorrow we will cover scheduling posts when you are away.

We hope that this article is of use, feel free to forward it to whoever may find it useful.

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