#Twittertest Day 4 - Progress so far

Posted by Admin Saturday, August 06, 2011 11:36:00 AM Categories: online marketing social media twitter
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Lets recap

acVita ltd is a web development and online marketing  company based in Croydon, London.

We believe in building strong trusted relationships between business and so would like to share some of our in depth expertise and knowledge with you.  This Blog is about Increasing your twitter following online

Time for a rest

Far too much work

We so far we have spent no more than 1hr this week in gaining new followers. and we have increase from 100 to 325 in 4 days. On top of that we have Purchased Social Oomph, just as a courtesy to thank our followers.

If we left it as we started getting 100 followers in 4 months it would take us 3 and a half years to get to the goal of 1000 followers. Now we are almost a third of the way there and well ahead of target to get 1000 by the end of the year

So why have a rest

Why rest, why not keep pushing. Well we want to prove that this method is easy and does not take up your time. Therefor we are not going to be adding new followers over the weekends or whilst on Holiday. Believe it or not we have a life as well.

Also by leaving it for the weekend we can see how the initial inertial of following 500 new follows will impact our own following list.


Do people always auto follow?

So going into the week end we have 326 followers and following 613. Will that increase much over two days where we follow no one new.

Also we need to take a view on how to get the levels more similar. Following twice as many people than those that follow you is not a great sign so time to investigate how to reduce this without impacting the numbers of people who still may follow you in time.

We hope that this article is of use, feel free to forward it to whoever may find it useful.

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