#Twittertest day 6 - watch the Churn !!

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Watch the Churn

acVita ltd is a online marketing  company based in Purley, London, specialising in SEO, SEM and web design.

We believe in building strong trusted relationships between business and so would like to share some of our in depth expertise and knowledge with you.  This Blog is about Appropriate twit

What is the Churn

Be careful on the unfollow

As with most responsible social media providers Twitter wants to ensure that it provides it's users with the right content. We all hate spam and twitter is just another method by which spam can be sent to users. Obviously, you can manage this by unfollowing people.

However in building up your online presence be careful not to become a pest yourself.

Don't keep unfollowing

In the previous blog we mentioned about keeping the ration of followers and follows in track. So every now and again go through your following list and unfollow those not following you.

A word of caution here, do this responsibly:

  • Do not keep following and unfollowing the same person in hope that one day they will follow, this is frowned upon greatly and will be monitored.
  • Beware of the churn, keep the unfollowing down to a reasonable level, do not unfollow more than 50 in a day 100 at most.

So what is best?

As mentioned in previous posts make sure that you follow the appropriate people. i.e. :

  • one that have been recommended to you,
  • people who have similar interests to you and you have to them.
  • Keep the Churn down to less than 50 a day
  • Never exceed the follows in 1 day, keep to 50 - 100, if it is greater than 1000, you have a chance of being blocked.

Basically, play the game with respect for other users, do not become a pest out there to people who do not want to hear your messages. There are plenty of peopl who do, so make sure that you target an appropriate market and not just collecting for fun, it can often backfire on you.

We hope that this article is of use, feel free to forward it to whoever may find it useful.

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